Our Services

We do our job with love and enjoyment. We reflect the energy that comes from interacting with the customers in our all projects and doing business the right way. From the dealer meetings to the internal communication meetings, from press meetings to the training meetings, we create solutions through a customized planning for your every request.

If your aim is to conduct an unforgettable event, you need to make a difference. Hence, you need a good idea, a good team and a good planning. We desire to be remembered easily. We conduct a series of relevant activities from the concept projects, field activities, roadshow product trial activations, test drives to launches, fair organizations, festivals, company parties, social responsibility projects.

We are looking forward to present our best ideas to your best projects. We provide every kind of creative instrument for your projects such as graphic design, event planning, copywriting, printed organization materials, prototype presentations, 3D designs.

We have special tours for you to benefit from the museums and exhibits.

Our team is ready for you to inform on the cocktail preparation and planning.

Is there anything like a pleasant Jazz Concert? You will enjoy our Jazz Concert event special for the groups and companies.

You will love our Gallery Meal events that we organize with the participation of the curator, musician and gastronomic expert.

With our expert team experienced in the product launches, we organize special events for you to impress people as you desire.

Add spice to your day with the Chef Elif Edes Tapan’s special design dinner!

It is not important where your organization is since we can access anywhere in the world. We convey our strategical ideas and suggestions to anywhere in the world with the same energy. We prepare customized special events from the international meetings to the incentive group organizations.

All you need is the Maya Travel organization for the gift & promotion activities in your mind and their announcement.

Our job is to professionally organize your dealer meetings at a national and international level. Please contact us for customized options!

We organize all your trainings and seminars with our professional team. Please contact us for customized options!

Our creative and dynamic team create the ideal Motivation Meeting solutions for you. You can boost your company’s success with a productivity booster Motivation Meeting.

Happy new year to your team and colleagues! Salute the new year with one of our different and fun choices.

Happy birthday! We create customized solutions for you to celebrate this special day in the best way possible.

Happy 10 years! Hitting 10 years is the perfect opportunity to present a customized organization.

Have fun and relieve stress with the outdoor events that strengthen the communication and harmony among the team members.

Our team who knows the world like a book is looking forward to preparing you a smooth and fun tour!

We invite you to the Maya Travel for your special invitation events. You should take a look at the options that our professional team has carefully prepared for your invitation organization!

Luxury Yacht & Gullet

In recent years, as a result of the increasing interest towards yachting in our country, we aimed to find the most suitable yacht and buyer- managing the process of buying and selling while creating a secure shopping environment.

In addition to that, our proffesional team, is waiting for your reservations to make you experience Aeagen sea’s fascinating beauty with various types of our deluxe charter fleet.

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